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Private Residential

The requirements of the client, whether they are developers or private owners, are so unique it is rare for any two residential projects to be alike in character, style or methodology. In addition to client’s requirements, it is essential to gain an understanding of their wishes, ambitions, hopes to ensure the correct approach is taken and their objectives realised.

We believe that a flexible approach is essential in carrying out this style of project. At Kylemore one of our primary concerns in undertaking residential works is a clear understanding of our role within the job strategy and actively fulfilling that role in order to achieve the ultimate ambitions of the client on time and within budget.


With an increasingly mobile domestic society, and as international travel falls within the reach of more and more people, transportation has become a key area of public interest. The British people’s expectations of their transport systems have risen considerably in recent times, and they continue to rise. Safety, reliability and affordability are the key topics in the population’s perception of a successful system.

These three areas are also at the forefront of Kylemore’s attention. Our objective to provide a quality product, on time and within budget compliments the reliability and affordability questions. Our paramount principle, to achieve these goals with health and safety as the greatest priority, fulfills the common desire for a safer standard of living.

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