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Hotel and Leisure

The focus for clients in the hotel and leisure sectors is on quality, which is understandable given the growing demand by their own clientele for higher standard facilities. This coupled with their desire for an individual and unique identity to distinguish them from their competitors.

Through our extensive experience in the hotel and leisure field, we at Kylemore succeed in maintaining the high level of quality and finish found in the front-of-house areas throughout their installation. This is achieved while remaining sensitive and flexible toward the individual developers specifications.

Office and Commercial

When considering the construction or refurbishment of office space and commercial buildings, each individual development has its own specific and varied requirements. Whether the aim of a particular project be directed toward high specification finishes, sensitive refurbishment schemes, highly economic workspaces or any other particular objective, several key factors remain paramount.

At Kylemore we are able to maintain our focus upon the two core points of high quality and value for money whilst keeping a pro-active and adaptable approach when considering the goals of the project as a whole. The other core point in addition to quality and competitiveness is that of safety. We at Kylemore ensure that this is given paramount emphasis in all of our activities.

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